Underwater 3

The sergeant major (Abudefduf saxatilis) is a species of damselfish. This one is photographed in the Red Sea.

The underwater world is so beautiful. The Red Sea is where I have taken my underwater photographies. It is the most healthy of all seas and the coral reefs are doing quite well. That cannot be said about many other coral reefs around the world. Global warming and pollution cause the reefs to die.

The Arabian Picasso fish, Rhinecanthus assasi, and Klunzingerwrasse, Thalassoma rueppellii, baby fish.

I have photographed hundreds of species of fish and several different kind of corals. 

These are a few exampels of the my underwater photography.

The Masked Butterflyfish
Chlorurus sordidus, known commonly as the Daisy parrotfish or Bullethead parrotfish.
I love the Red Sea underwater world. The yellow fish are Damsel. The different corals are healthy and so beautiful. Red Sea is still doing quite well, compared to many other reefs, which are dying because of global wamirng and pollution.

By Johanna

I am an photographer, author, cook and designer from Finland. Welcome to my food blog mightydeliciouswithherbsandspices.com and my travel blog travelwithjohanna.com You can find my photographs and home decor on my art blog hurmerintagalleria.com


  1. How did you photograph the pretty fish underwater??? Did you go scuba diving?? How could the Red Sea be so beautiful? I think it looks like a underwater fish and coral reef rainbow paradise!!!!


    1. Hi, thank you. I have visited and dived in the Red Sea for 10 years. This photo has a tuch of color on the corals to make the photo magical. Red Sea is very beautiful.


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