Valokuvia / Photography

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Touching The Refreshing Waves, I spent some time laying on the warm beach, under the hot African sun, and photographed the waves of the wonderful Red Sea.
Amazingly Beautiful Red Sea Exquisite Butterflyfish
Enjoy wonderful veggies and exciting herbs and spices. Try the avocado salad. Add tomatoes, basil and asparagus if you want to. Choose fried vegetables and meat, exotic soups, or dumplings. If you like cookies and macarons, take a few, or enjoy delicious berries for dessert.
Blueberry Chicken Arugula and Tomato
Avocado Pasta Shrimp Onion Blueberries
HDR macro photograph of a lovely and spicy tuna spaghetti. Fantastic as wall art to the kitchen and restaurant walls.
Divide the quark between two dessert bowls. Add raspberries, mandarin orange slices and blueberries on the quark. This dessert is so simple to do and has tons of flavor and vitamins. Try to find quark. Natural flavor or with blueberry flavor. Add your favorite berries and fruit. I like raspberries, blueberries and mandarin oranges. Another great mixture is made of strawberries, blueberries and mango.
Oceanview Just Before Sunset In Africa.
A magical sunset in Africa..
Watching the mountains rise above the Sahara desert is fantastic. To enjoy at the same time a glorious sunshine, right before the sun sets, makes the moment stunning.
Sunset Over Sahara
Blueberries And Pears