Berries Fruit Flowers Leaves Branches On White Wood
My Blue Ocean
Sold as canvas print and greeting card.


Valokuvani ja öljyväritauluni ovat keränneet satoja suositteluja vuosien varrella muun muassa kansainvälisillä FAA (Fine Art of America) sivuilla ja Facebookissa. Tässä muutama suosittelu. 

Saan voimia elämänreppuuni kauniista asioista 

Minulla on ollut ilo ja onni kohdata täällä somessa, upeaa ja uniikkia taidetta, itse taiteilijasta puhumattakaan.” Airi Siikavirta

“Kiitos ihanasta gerbera-kassista. Nyt odotan malttamattomana, että saan ottaa sen käyttöön. Keltaista väriä rakastavana se sopii hyvin keltaisen Tara Jarmon-takkinini kanssa. Tutustuin Johanna Hurmerinnan töihin twitterissä. Nyt aion laittaa laukusta ottamani kuvan sinne, että ihmiset näkee, että ne ovat myös kaunista käyttötavaraa ja niitä käytetään.” Sirkka Vainio

“I got your gorgeous rose pouch yesterday, and I am thrilled with it! The colors are so vivid and I can’t wait until I get the large one!” Anita Pollak

“I spent almost two hours in the wee hours of early morning looking at your complete portfolio…all 26 pages! …AMAZING!!
I purchased not one but THREE of your beautiful cards for special friends this year!” Laurel Adams

Kotini sisustusta on ilahduttanut tyyny. Jos etsit piristystä kotisi sisustukseen tai lahjaideaa, suosittelen katsomaan vaihtoehtoja hurmerintagalleria.comMaija Harjunpää

Just wanted to let you know that I received the notebook and the canvas print today…they are both wonderful.Jim Love

I really loved the soft touch and your creativity with the orchid. Love the card, which I will give to my friend in India.Deepa Sahoo

“Perhepiirissämme on paljon Johannan monipuolista taidetta. mm. mukit., tyynyt, kassit, pyyhkeet, taulut, pussukat ja monet muut tuotteet. – ovat osoittautuneet laadultaan erinomaisiksi.” Airi Siikavirta“Olen myös ostanut lahjaksi ystävilleni uniikkia, (joilla on jo kaikkea).

Suosittelen lämmöllä, et varmasti pety!” Airi Siikavirta

Itseltäni löytyy 4 kassia. Aivan ihania ja varsinkin uniikkia.” Venla Siikavirta

Keltaiset ruusut sohvatyynyissä mökillä varmistavat ikuisen kesän.
Eteisen seinällä kotona on oma pieni ja helppohoitoinen akvaario tuomassa onnea kotiin. Kiitos Johanna.
Eija Brilli

Onni on kotonamme  Exquisite Butterflyfish kuvalla mm. muki, taulu, pyyhkeet, kassi, pussukka. Hyvälaatuisia ja uniikkeja tuotteita, joista iloa ja valoa arkeen! Yksi voimanlähteistäni on kauneus, josta kiittäminen taiteilija Johanna Hurmerintaa Airi Siikavirta

Lämpimästi tervetuloa tutustumaan: ja


National Geographic:

Christen McNicholas, NatGeo editor: “This underwater view looks like a painting! The colors blend together like an impressionist’s brush strokes. Great work getting sharpness in the fish’s eyes.

Whiteband Damsel Macro Photography

“Amazing moonshot. Makes me want to be walking on that beach. f/l ” Mary Deal

“Hello Johanna, this print has a magical quality to it. I want to be there. L/F ” Scott Cameron

“Stunning imagery Johanna! FL ” Kathi Mirto

Where Dreams Come True

2nd place in the May 2017 Logo of the Month Contest (Exquisite Florals Group)

Congratulations, Johanna! Your stunning image is being featured in the Special Featured Artists of the Week Section of the Visions of Spring – Glances of Summer Homepage! Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with our Group. F/L.Dora Sofia Caputo

Tulip Passion

1st place in Mindblowing Photography Group Avatar image contest! 2019

1st place in the Contest – LADIES CLUB Only Theme CLOSE TO YOUR HEART  

2nd place in the CONTEST: FIVE STAR ARTIST Group Members Only – theme WATER

Shared 2nd place in the CONTEST: FIVE STAR ARTIST Group Members Only – WATER 

I’m in love with the lovely natural pastels against that magnificent blue, Johanna … exquisite clarity and light and detail!!! A charming look at the undersea world!!!! WOW!!!! l/f Lois Bryan

Congratulations your beautiful work is being featured in The World We See Group.Robyn King

This incredible work of art.. deserves the gold medal… Art is Art… and this is a winner, f/l/v.” Maria Hunt

Red Sea Exotic World 600x800.jpg

1st place in the Contest “Artist Of September Month : Abstract Artist of Sept 2015”

1st place in the Contest “Artist Of September Month : Abstract Artist of Sept 2015”

3rd place in the Contest “Beauty in Art – SELECT MEMBERS ONLY”

Well, by now, you know that this is a masterpiece, but did you know, that this piece would be stunning in every house or workplace across the globe? Your passionate inspiration is amazing... let’s see more and more of this, you are incredible with passion! There couldn’t be enough abstracts with harmony and color balance which is why this one is so amazing.Lisa Kaiser

“Revisit…I love the vibrant colors…this would be so lovely hung in a very modern home or office where it would get the attention it deserves! Pin to my outstanding works of art! Kay Novy

Wonderful, vibrant painting! Superb technique and use of colour! L/FRosemary Colyer

“I have been staring at this for a long time. I adore the richness of the bold colours, the texture and movement! Beautifull!!!” Wendy Bowes

Original Hurmerinta_Passion I_oilpainting.jpg

“This certainly has a great dreamlike quality! L,F ” Jim Cook

“Exquisite work, Johanna. I love your new series. f/l ” Maria Hunt

“Stunningly beautiful, Johanna! L/F ” Catherine Sherman

Where Dreams Come True 9

“Your mastery of light and shadow is on splendid display here Johanna… ” Jim Love

“Excellent work!” Peng Shi

“Very nice series of food preparation and this is is also just as wonderful as the others!!”  Robert Bales

Vegetable Herbs And Fish Dinner Preparation. Welcome to my kitchen. Lets prepare a nice dinner with vegetables, onions, lemon, mushrooms, garlic, herbs, spices, pepper and fish.

” The ultimate in the “To Go” category!! Yummy!!” Art By Onyx

“Your series of food images exhibit a beautiful display of textures and coordinated colors, Johanna. We’re all going to want to eat at your house if you’re not careful! L/F” Scott Kingery

” Johanna, this series is SO EXCITING! My mouth waters at each new post! Beautiful textures, colours and flavor profiles.” Laurel Adams

Welcome To My Soup And Spicy Beef Dinner. Delicious meal with garlic, lemon, olives, herbs, beef, carrots, peppers, mushrooms and onions.

I got your gorgeous pouch yesterday, and I am thrilled with it! The colors are so vivid and I can’t wait until I get the large one!Anita Pollak

Red Whispers

“First level presentation of gastronomy, Johanna…bravo.” Panos Pliassas.

“Johanna, this is absolutely beautifully done! I think you’ve outdone yourself on this one… Masterful work of art!” Brian Tada

Welcome To My Delicious Fruit Cupcake Chocolate And Blueberry Afternoon Party. Pick what you like. Enjoy delicious fruit and sweets.

“OH my GOSH Johanna, I seen this the other day and this literally rendered me speechless ♥ This is my new all time favorite of yours!!! L/F ” Heather King

“Very beautiful light and pastel tones, Johanna! Outstanding work! L/F” Wes Iversen

“Congratulations your beautiful work is being featured in AAA Images :-)” Robyn King

A Beautiful Morning

Stunning, stunning, STUNNING, Johanna!! The colours and the way the light dances and the EXTRAORDINARY resolution, etc, etc, make this photo and bloom PURE MAGIC!! LF ” Charlotte Nunn

Revisiting this magnificent portrait of an elegantly designed flower. The color shifts are perfection.” Maria Hunt

Love this!! The color palette in this image is gorgeous!! L/F” Sharon McConnell

Soft Touch 2.jpg

“Beautiful abstract Johanna. Love the colors and mood. l/fv” HH Photography of Florida

“Beautiful rich work of art Johanna! LF” Malanda Warner

“Absolutely stunning abstract work. Love it! LF” Margarita Buslaeva

Passion III.jpg

WOW, Johanna! What a fantastic sunset capture! Gorgeous colors, clouds and landscape silhouettes! L/F/fb” Hanne Lore Koehler

BREATH-TAKING capture, Johanna!! I am in AWE.. LF” Charlotte Nunn

Magical Sunset In Africa 2

Your Underwater Red Sea photographs make an incredible collection, Johanna. It is hard to choose – picked this one for the vibrant red and blue contrast ! Heather McFarlane-Watson 

Wow… the blues in this image is gorgeous!! Love the little orange fish too! L/FDee Winslow

Colorful Lyretail Anthias

2nd place in Flower Image contest of the (FAA) IAC group. Sept 2017.

3rd place in the (FAA) LADIES CLUB contest: the theme NATURE. Sept 2017.

Revisiting this exquisite work to congratulate you on your 2nd place tie in the IAC GROUP MEMBERS ONLY Flower Image contest. Imagine this in a modern room over the mantle in a large format.. Breathtaking!Maria Hunt

Congratulations on your Winning image, Johanna. These deep blues are a full hearted plunge into lusciousness. L/FGreta Corens

Beautiful Blue

WOW – Spectacular close-up floral capture, Johanna! Well done. FAVRicardos Creations

Oh My, This is so beautiful Johanna! LF” Deepa Sahoo

So marvelous! L/F” Richard Bryce

I Am In Love.jpg

Stunning, beautiful, and educational. Your captures are worthy of the National Geographic fame : )Yvonne Wright

Wow, that is an awesome huge clam, Johanna, and you captured it so beautifully!!! :))) vote favLaurie Search

“Beautiful!! The giant clam is amazing!” Debra Martz

Tridacna Squamosa

Congratulations Johanna Hurmerinta: Beautiful Flowers Group ‘Artist of the Month’ of March 2017Jasna Dragun admin of the group

Breathtakingly beautiful ! Outstanding capture!” Doug Norkum

“Stunning close up photo of a dark purple and a white tulip side by side, with excellent light and shadows, great perspective and composition, Johanna! F/L” Morris Finkelstein


1st place in the Flower Photography contest of “Art For Home And Business” (Feb 2017).

Stunning! Such a delicate piece complimented with beautiful soft light and shadow. Simply stunning Johanna!!Paul Quinn

Congratulations on this beautiful art being chosen as Pick For the Week in the Global Flowers Group! l/f.” Kay Brewer

Winter Rose 7.jpg

Marvelous artwork. Amazing colors. Unique style and presentation. L/FSunil Kapadia

Strong design and color… an interesting juxtaposition with your “Spring in Finland 1” painting, Johanna! LF” Jim Rehlin

Magnificent bold colorful abstract Painting, Johanna! L/F/T/G+/fb.” Hanne Lore Koehler

Spring in Finland 4 Abstract Composition

Very dramatic and modern presentation! L/FMalanda Warner

Unique and beautiful composition, and wonderful lighting and color!!! :))) vf”  Laurie Search


3rd place in the FAA CONTEST: Five Star Artist. Theme nature. 

A Gold Medal portrait of beauty presented masterfully in this gorgeous photo of Bluecheeked Butterflyfish, Johanna! Awesome work! F/L” Brian Tada

So very beautiful Johanna, you have a winner here!!!!…fav/like/tweet” Donna Kennedy

The bluecheeked butterflyfish

I am very honored for the 2nd place in this contest: PART III Contest of the year ONLY FOR ‘ABSTRACTION AS A DIALOGUE WITH THE HIGHER I’ group MEMBERS (December 2019)

1st place in this contest: PART III Contest of the year ONLY FOR ‘ABSTRACTION AS A DIALOGUE WITH THE HIGHER I’ group MEMBERS (December 2019)

My new oil painting in the sea series. This is a closeup of the sea, the blue ocean, with strong and beautiful waves. When you sit by the sea and the ocean, your mind is filled with peace, harmony and tranquility. Watching the waves is one of the best things in life. Nature is wonderful. This oilpainting is a great choice for wall art, in any room.

2nd Place in the November 2016: Logo of the Month contest for the Exquisite FLORALS group.

GORGEOUS color red, beautiful clarity and detail. Wonderful image.” Maria Urso

Stunningly beautiful…L.F.Pin… and will nominate it for a SPECIAL FEATURE in “1000 Views” group promo! Kay Novy

Red Summer Memory 2.jpg

CONGRATULATIONS, Johanna! Your creation has been chosen as an Administrator’s Pick and showcased on the homepage of the “Exclusively Drawings and Paintings” group, 2/4/2017!” Jim Rehlin

Congratulations on having your beautiful abstract painting showcased in the group, “Exclusively Drawings and Paintings”, Johanna, l.f.p!Sandra Church

Maybe it is an abstract but your great skill make me to see as lovely water reflections!! Masterful work to me!!! L/FVincent Consiglio

Spring in Finland I_exmaple frames white

Another one of your amazing underwater images, Johanna. Gorgeous! f/l.” Ann Horn

Johanna, this is incredibly beautiful… so peaceful and colorful, with awesome lighting and composition. It is truly like a different, amazing world underwater. Thank you for sharing this treasure with your visitors and customers! Stunning image! F/LBrian Tada

Onni on kotonamme  Allaolevalla kuvalla mm. muki, taulu, pyyhkeet, kassi, pussukka. Hyvälaatuisia ja uniikkeja tuotteita, joista iloa ja valoa arkeen! – yksi voimanlähteistäni on kauneus, josta kiittäminen taiteilija Johanna Hurmerintaa Airi Siikavirta

Exquisite Butterflyfish in the Red Sea

New quote for me as well and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FAVORITE! Reynold Jay, USA

Stunning capture, Johanna! L/F” Anna Bliokh

Love the lighting, composition and colors. Marvelous. LF” Sunil Kapadia

Fabulous underwater photograph of Butterflyfish, with great colors, light and composition, Johanna! F/L” Morris Finkelstein

Red Sea Exquisite Butterflyfish

Outstanding image, Johanna!! L/F!!Angela Koehler

Spectacular capture of this magnificent creature, Johanna! What fantastic light and composition! L/F/T/G+/P/fb.Hanne Lore Koehler

Beautiful capture! Love the dark blue background against the coral and subject fish! l/f” Sharon McConnell

Picasso fish and Klunzingerwrasse

Everyone who thinks they want an aquarium should leave the fish in their natural habitat and put this on the wall instead!Barbie Corbett-Newmin

Johanna, what an absolutely fabulous collage of your spectacular underwater photography! Each image is a masterpiece. Beautiful, magnificent work! F/LBrian Tada

Red Sea Collage

Pientavarat järjestykseen

Saat kuvistani myös värikkäitä ja monenlaiseen käyttöön sopivia KANGASPUSSUKOITA vetoketjulla. Kolme eri kokoa. 

Koko valikoima löytyy TÄSTÄ. Linkin kautta näkyvät pussukat ja laukut. 

Tässä muutama esimerkki. Jos englanninkieli on haaste, teen mielelläni tilauksen puolestasi. Lähetä viesti:

orange lily joy pussukka.jpg

Stunningly Beautiful Sunflower pussukka iso.jpg

roses art work pussukka

colorful and beautiful sealife kangaspussukka

Pink summer flower macro pussukka.jpg

dahlia on color kangaspsussukka

the-bluecheeked-butterflyfish-colorfully pouchesWhere Dreams Come True Gold theme

Bluecheeked Butterflyfish kangaspussukka

red sea magical world pussukkaElegant exquisite butterflyfish

summer pussukka.jpg


Sisustaminen värikkäillä ja kauniilla tyynyillä luo kotiin ja kesämökille tunnelmaa.

Kaunis, uniikki tyyny on upea lahjaidea!

Kun haluat sisustaa suomalaisen taiteilijan taidetyynyillä, tilaa tai sivuilta.
Voit myös ottaa yhteyttä ja kertoa toiveesi (voin tilata puolestasi).
Lähetä viesti:

SISUSTUSTYYNYJÄ on monessa eri koossa (noin 35 cm – 60 cm).

I Am In Love tyyny

Beautiful day pillow.jpg

Colorful sealife pillow.jpg

Orange lily joy tyyny.jpg
masked butterflyfish creative way tyyny

glorious pink sunflower pillow.jpg

Glorious sunflower tyyny

two gerberas light and shadow tyyny

Tulips On Wood tyyny.jpg

red is gorgeous tyyny

The Exquisite Butterflyfish Couple in the Red Sea tyyny

Tulip beauty tyyny

Exquisite Butterflyfish tyyny.jpg

Glowing yellow rose tyyny

two beauties tyyny

red sea exquisite butterflyfish tyynyYellow Rose on black tyyny

2 Responses to “Sisustustyynyt”

  1. Venla Siikavirta

    Itseltäni löytyy 4 kassia. Aivan ihania ja varsinkin uniikkia.


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Osa alkuperäisistä öljyväritauluistani on ostettavissa. Halutessasi alkuperäisen teoksen, ota yhteyttä.

Taulujen koot ovat 25 – 70 cm (korkeus). Osa tauluista on maalattu laadukkaalle, pohjustetulle kangaspahvipohjalle ja osa laadukkaalle pinkopohjalle (puuvilla), joka on pingoitettu puisille kiilakehyksille. 

Hinnat näkyvät myynnissä olevan taulun tiedoissa.  Osamaksu on sovittavissa (voimme jakaa laskun 3 – 5 kuukausierään).

Voit kehystyttää valitsemasi taulun itse, toivomillasi kehyksillä, tai pyytää kehystystä kauttani. Pinkopohjalle maalatun taulun voi halutessaan ripustaa seinälle ilman kehystystä.

Oli suuri kunnia nähdä kuusi öljyväritauluani esittelyssä kansainvälisessä Women In Art –taidelehdessä 10/2016


Meri II Öljyvärimaalaus: Koko: 46 x 38 x 0,2 cm. Laadukas kangaspahvipohja. Toteutus: palettiveitsi.

Hinta € 395 + toimituskulut. (Laadukas printti koosta riippuen 30-40 € + postituskulu)

Taulu on valittu suosikiksi taideryhmän etusivulle näissä ryhmissä Pixels ja Fine Art of America -taidesivustolla:

Colors Blue Turquoise Photography and Paints
The Gallery of Interior Design
Blue Painters
Fine Arts Professionals
Female Artist
Amazing Abstract Art
Abstract Painting Collection
Abstract Moods
All Art Welcome
Abstract Art Worldwide
All Aspects Of Abstract Art
Arts Fantastic World
Art – It Is Good For You
The Social Arts
Abstract Photography And Paints
Premium FAA Artists
We Paint Every Day
Amazing Abstracts
Monthly Themed
Over 2000 Views

Meri 2 esimerkki paspiksilla ja kehyksillä

Meri 2 esimerkki paspiksilla ja kehyksillä


Intohimo voi olla räiskyvää, huumaavaa, pehmeää, tulista, hillittyä, huimaavaa tai kevyttä kuin lumihiutale tai tuulessa leijuva lehti. 

Ensimmäinen Intohimo-maalaukseni kuvastaa tulista ja iloista intohimoa. Koko 41 x 33 x 0,2 cm. Pohjustettu, laadukas kangaspahvipohja. Toteutus: palettiveitsi.

Hinta € 900 + toimituskulut. (Laadukas printti koosta riippuen 30-40 € + postituskulu)

Taulu on valittu suosikiksi taideryhmän etusivulle näissä ryhmissä Fine Art of America -taidesivustolla:

10 Plus
Modern Art
1000 views on 1 image
This Way Arts
Women Painters – Hand Paintings Only
Arts Fantastic World
We Paint Every Day
Fine Arts Professionals
All Art Welcome
Artists Get Famous No Photographs
The Gallery Wall (theme of the week: “THE AMBIENCE OF ABSTRACTS”)
The Social Arts
All Aspects Of Abstract Art
Abstract Moods
Cards Cards Cards And Small Posters
3rd place in the Contest “Beauty in Art – SELECT MEMBERS ONLY”
Waiting Room Art
Pleasing The Eye
Greeting Cards For All Occasions
Amazing Abstracts
Collectors Gallery 
Museum Quality Images 
Artist Salon 2 
Lady Photographers And Artists 
The Soul Of A Artist 
Over 2000 Views 
Five Star Artist
Amazing Abstracts Oil Acrylic Or Alcohol Ink Only

Passion 1 esimerkkikehyksillä

Intohimo maalaus esimerkki passepartout ja kehykset.


Semi abstrakti öljyväritaulu ‘Serenity And Tranquility’

Rauhallisuutta huokuva maalaus. Koko 30 x 30 x 1 cm. Laadukas pinkopohja(puuvilla), joka on pingoitettu puisille kiilakehyksille. 

Hinta € 390 + toimituskulut. (Laadukas printti koosta riippuen 30-40 € + postituskulu)

Taulu on valittu viikossa suosikiksi taideryhmän etusivulle näissä ryhmissä Fine Art of America -taidesivustolla:

Abstract Painting And Digital Abstract 
Abstract Moods
Exclusively Drawings And Paintings 

Serenity And Tranquility.jpg

7 Responses to “Öljyväritauluja”

    • Johanna

      Kaunis kiitos! Tuo Intohimo I on suosituin maalaukseni. Esittelin sen keväällä globaalissa kuvagalleriassa. Ja taulusta on ostettu niin taidejulisteita kuin tyynyjä. Olen iloinen ja onnekas.

  1. Taija Mård

    Minua taas säväyttivät supermatismia edustavat työt, joissa olet erivärisin geometrisin kuvioin ilmaissut koskettavasti vuodenaikojen yhtymistä ja erkanemista!

    • Johanna

      Kaunis kiitos. Ihana kuulla kommentteja. Ja upeeta kuulla, että pidät suprematismista.


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