Most people like to enjoy framed photographs or canvas print at home. Some people also like to enjoy original paintings.

I paint with oil colors. My themes are usually bold abstract art, but I also paint minimalistic oil paintings. 

Though original oil paintings cost a bit more than printed wall art, they are a good investment. 

These are a few of my oil paintings. If you are interested to by one, contact me. 🙂


Oil painting, palette knife, painting, oil, blue, white, light, stars, shadows, deep blue, space
Spring in Finland inspired me to paint this oil painting.
This is an abstract art oil painting of the cold days during the winter time in Finland.
Joyful Summer Morning Passion. Oilpainting made with a palette knife.
An oil painting. Abstract art. Geometric art. Theme: Harmony.

By Johanna

I am an photographer, author, cook and designer from Finland. Welcome to my food blog and my travel blog You can find my photographs and home decor on my art blog

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